Bicep Curl To Overhead Press – Band

  • HOW: Start in a standing position with a band anchored under your feet, hold the band in each hand with your palms facing up. Begin the exercise by keeping the rest of your body still, arms  hugged against your sides, and bending your elbows to perform a bicep curl. Then perform an overhead press reaching up as far as you can driving your elbows up towards the ceiling. Slowly lower down to starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL: This should feel like an upper body workout, specifically your biceps, deltoids, and shoulder blade muscles. You should feel your shoulder blades working the most (serratus anterior) with the overhead press due to your palms facing up.
  • COMPENSATION: Keep the rest of your body still, do not excessively arch or bend your back. Do not use momentum to move the band. Do not excessively shrug. Do not let your elbows flare out with the overhead press 

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