Long Sitting Overhead Press – Band

  • HOW: Start in a long sitting position with a band wrapped under your feet, hold the band in each hand. Begin the exercise by keeping the rest of your body still and positioning the band behind your head and neck with your palms facing forward and knuckles facing the ceiling, then perform an overhead press.  Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL: This should feel like an upper body workout, specifically your deltoids, traps, and upper back muscles. You should feel your shoulder blades working a lot with this exercise. You may also feel your abs and lower body working a bit to maintain optimal long sitting posture.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not excessively arch or bend your low back. Keep the rest of your body still as best as you can. Do not use momentum to move the band, also focus on moving slowly, maintaining time under tension. Avoid excessive shrugging. 

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