Foot Arch Strengthening Exercises

Time Stamps  00:00 Intro 01:55 Importance of an Arch Raise 05:20 Bulgarian Split Squat With Foot Arch Cueing..Why You Need to Do Them!  07:43 Tandem Pallof Press...Give it a Try!  11:00 Single Leg Heel Raise - Knee Bent with Heel Float 15:07 End This video is all about foot arch strengthening exercises - specifically why you should be conscious of your foot position while exercising. More importantly, if you have a foot & ankle issue - in particular the arch of your foot, we're going to teach you how to manage it with exercise! There are dozens of bones, muscles, ligaments, and 3 main arches that are a part of the foot & ankle. The coolest part is that they all work together to facilitate 3-dimensional coupled motions. This motion is what allows the bones to move amongst each other in different directions, but together as a unit.  The way the foot & ankle moves in the air is different than the way it moves on the ground. In the air, just the foot & ankle are moving, but on the ground, the rest of the body is stacked on top of the foot & ankle. This really influences arch position. Be sure to watch the entire video as we review 4 different exercises designed to teach you foot arch control in addition to how the strengthen the muscles of your foot & ankle that support your arch. Not only will you feel your foot & ankle as well as your calf working, but you'll feel your entire leg working in order to better control your foot arch position! Do you enjoy working out barefoot but want some extra protection for your feet & toes? Perhaps you want to expand the benefits of exercising barefoot outside of your training sessions?! Be sure to check out the link below for the minimalist shoes showcased in this video, @vivobarefoot and use the code PREHAB to save 15% your order!
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