Single Arm Shoulder Plank With Rotation

Shoulder Activation [Scapula Stability Enhancement] . Try out this Body on Arm exercise to strengthen the shoulder in all 3 cardinal planes of motion! . To perform this exercise: 1️⃣Begin in a push-up position, stay STRONG in the shoulder blade by pushing the floor away from you. 2️⃣Rotate your body while staying engaged in that shoulder. Reach out to your opposite foot. This will simultaneously stretch the posterior structure of the leg that is kicking out for an added bonus. If you don’t have flexibility for this, add a bend in your knee to reach your foot. 3️⃣If you want to further challenge yourself- Add an ever so slight bend in the elbow, this will make a HUGE difference in demand of this exercise. Give this a try! . �I personally enjoy using this as a way to warm-up my body. There will be high activity of your serratus anterior and rotator cuff muscles with this exercise- use this cool movement pattern as you please weather it’s a warm-up or strengthening exercise. .
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