Pallof Press 3D Variation

The Pallof Press is a fundamental core exercise that supersedes the ab crunch anyday. The 'core' is a simpler term for a number of muscles that stabilize the trunk and pelvis. Not only do these muscles stabilize, they help transmit force from the legs to the upper body. In terms of specific muscles that directly or indirectly connect to the pelvis, the Pallof Press targets the rectus abdominals, external and internal obliques, transverse abs, the adductors, and the glutes. Some of these muscles work in pairs as 'slings' to stabilize the pelvis and transmit force. The goal of the Pallof Press is to engage these muscles TO STABILIZE the 'core' while the arms move independently. I'm talking anti-rotation / side-bending / flexion or extension of the trunk. This type of strength is extremely important in athletes that produce rotational force, building this specific strength helps to CONTROL the power and direction of the rotational movement. The standard Pallof Press can become dull and uneventful, so I decided to mix it up. Check this variation out! I decided to write my name and other words using a resistance band. The video is sped up 1.5x, but I am moving faster away from the anchor (concentric motion) and slower when the movement is toward the anchor (eccentric). Talk about an exercise that demands strength three-dimensional. Do I need to mention we move and live a 3D life?!
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