Wrist Circles In Extension – On Wall, Towel

  • HOW: Get set up standing in front of a wall with your hand on the wall with a towel. With your hand at shoulder height, perform the exercise by rotating your hand/wrist clockwise and counter-clockwise as far as you can tolerate and repeat. If you can tolerate it, lower your hand on the wall so that you work on tolerance to loaded wrist extension with this.
  • FEEL: You may feel a stretch on the palm side of your wrist and forearm as well as on the outsides of your wrist/forearm depending on how far and what direction you rotate your hand. No need to force pain or significant discomfort in your wrist, just limit how far you rotate your hand/wrist.
  • COMPENSATION: Maintain pressure against the wall with your wrist and fingers, be sure you're rotating your hand/wrist and not just your arm/forearm.

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