World’s Greatest Stretch

1️⃣ Double Hip opener: try to keep your back leg as straight (extended) as possible to stretch the hip flexors. For the front hip, really drive your elbow down to open up the hips into flexion as much as possible. 2️⃣ Thoracic spine rotation via the shoulder: you should be ACTIVE throughout each movement and thoracic spine rotation is no different. Build tension in the shoulder girdle and use your down arm to protract your scapula and rotate your torso towards the front leg. 3️⃣ Hamstring stretch: nothing fancy here. Try and keep your knee as straight as possible. If it's tight like mine, you won't be going anywhere. 4️⃣ Hip flexor stretch: Reach up as HIGH as you can, in addition to side-bending away from the leg that is to be stretched. Lunging in to the front leg will assure that your pelvis is locked-out and you are avoiding compensation from your low back. Repeat for 5 repetitions on each side and see how you feel after. . Follow this up with an activation drill tailored to the movement you will be performing for the day!
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