Work Break Stretch Routine

Writing, typing, and reading are very common in the workplace. It's interesting to note the different postures people assume during these activities. Personally I'm left-handed and write very differently than others. On top of that, my head and neck position vary because I'm constantly trying to see what I'm writing. The nerves of our upper body connect from our spinal cord all the way down to our finger tips. Nerves, just like muscles, require blood flow and oxygen for optimal function. Function is restricted when vessels that carry blood and oxygen are compressed as little as less than 10%. Unfortunately many head,neck, arm, wrist, and hand positions we like to be in when completing work may contribute to this! Here's one way to fix it...move!! This is a wall angel followed by gentle glides for your median, ulnar, and radial nerves. According to a study by Coppieters et al 2008, we can glide our nerves and create excursion simply by moving our joints with our muscles. This excursion can help nerves get the blood flow and oxygen they need to function correctly. This will decrease any funny sensations, like numbness, or tingling. These are gentler movements rather than more aggressive movements, be gentle and take your time!
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