Work Break Neck Stretch Routine

The problem with maintaining poor body positions for long periods is the change in tension and stiffness. When this happens our body can perceive it as uncomfortable neck tightness! It doesn’t have to be this way! I’m all about cranking out work, but work breaks are ESSENTIAL. Stay moving is key! Try out this stretch combo every hour or so doing 10 reps on each side. (1) Get out of ‘desk-work posture (2) Work t-spine extension and overhead shoulder movement (3) open up the pecs (4) Nerve glides (5) Levator scapula stretch (6) Upper Trap Stretch For the sake of the video, I had to do the movements fast, and the nerve glides even faster - big no no! PERFORM THIS MOVEMENT slowly, if you’re experiencing neural tension we recommend seeking a skilled physical therapist to be evaluated
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