Why and How to Use a Heel Lift

Time Stamps ⏱ 00:00 Start  01:00 Look at this!  02:48 Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobilization- Kettlebell  04:30 What if...  04:59 Squat- Toes Elevated 05:53 Split Stance Lunge- Toes Elevated  06:14 Let's talk about how to Use a Wedge  09:45 End  You've probably seen heel lifts being used in the gym, or maybe you have even tried one yourself! Join us as we tackle why you should be using a heel lift but more importantly HOW you should be using one to better your performance.    Follow us on Social for more awesome content Instagram.com/prehabguys  Twitter.com/theprehabguys  Facebook.com/theprehabguys TikTok: The Prehab Guys
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