When is Too High For Box Jumps?

We all see the videos on Instagram…someone jumping onto a ridiculously high box and celebrating thinking they're the next @jjwatt. But is that super high box jump necessary? What is the athlete getting out of it? What's the risk vs reward of a high box jump? . Had a really interesting conversation with @antwaredpt and @drjohnsoberal of @dyamixpt regarding this and I wanted to share some of our thoughts and sentiments with you all to digest. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!! . Why do we like to prescribe box jumps? Some of the big reasons are to provide an external cue to the athlete to "jump high". And from a rehab perspective, we program box jumps to DECREASE the landing impact on the jump. . So keeping these things in mind, is there a difference between a 18in and 24in box jump? An 18in vs a 40in box jump? Is it necessary to give the athlete a 40in box jump and risk them catching their toe and falling? When they might get the same stimulus and SAME power output from an 18in box? . If you look at my jumps (sorry for the varying angles), the relative height of my hips is the SAME on each box condition (12 vs 24 vs 40in). The only difference between the jumps is the LANDING position and the amount of hip/knee/ankle flexion required to get my legs onto the box.
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