Wall Squat – Single Leg

  • HOW: Get set up in a standing position with your back against a wall. To decrease friction against the wall, place a towel or pillow case sheet between your back and the wall. To perform the exercise, begin by balancing on one foot. Position your foot that is on the ground more towards the midline of your body to help with balance. While balancing on one foot, slowly slide down the wall as far as you feel comfortable with that you can control to perform a single leg wall squat, then return to starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a full lower body workout, specifically the leg you're standing. You will also feel your core and trunk muscles working to maintain balance and optimal form.
  • COMPENSATION: Keep your pelvis level/parallel to the ground. Avoid leaning side-to-side too far with your upper body and trunk. Slowly lower down and return to starting position, don't rush the movement. Try to keep your heel down on the ground.

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