Wall Breathing – Reach

  • HOW: Start by lying on your back near a wall. Place both feet flat up against the wall. Find 90 degrees bend at the knees and the hips. The low back is flat against the floor. Extend your arms straight with a forward reach. Begin deep belly breathing inhaling through the nose, sending your inhale from the throat to the chest to the stomach. Then exhale through more pursed lips, breathing out through the mouth on the exhale. Repeat for duration or reps. 
  • FEEL: You can target mid-back stretch by having your arms straight above; low back stretch by having arms up above the head, upper back stretch if arms are reaching below chest height. Should feel the lower stomach and side ribs expand with inhales. 
  • COMPENSATION: These are long inhales, long exhales, but make sure you're pacing yourself so you don't run out of air and start to shorten your breaths. Avoid letting the back lift off from the ground.

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