Shoulder Walk Out To Pike Up

This exercise is a two for one, targeting BOTH core and shoulder stabilizing muscles. It will primarily target the abdominal muscles, which include the Rectus Abdominis, Transverses Abdominis, External oblique, & Internal oblique. For this exercise: 1. You want to have something with low friction under your feet to allow them to slide easily. 2. Walk your hands out until you feel a strong demand on your core (ideally your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders will be in a straight line), however if you know you canโ€™t pike up from this position, donโ€™t go as low by remaining in slight hip flexion. 3. Initiate the pike up from your core. This is an advanced abdominal exercise. If this exercise is too difficult a regression is to place your knees on the sliders instead of your feet. EMG studies have shown that prone pike exercises recruit the upper/lower rectus abdominis as well as both obliques significantly greater than when compared to most other supine abdominal exercises as shown by a study โ€œCore Muscle Activation During Swiss Ball and Traditional Abdominal Exercisesโ€ by Escamilla et al. 2010.
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