Vertical Jump Assessment

For this assessment, you will be looking at your ability to produce vertical power. You will need a tape measure and open wall space. Grab a small piece of tape and stand up straight, parallel to the wall. Reach your inside arm up as far as you can and place the piece of tape there - make sure that your heels are staying down as you reach up. Then, grab another small piece of tape on your finger tips. You will then pre-load your jump by squatting down as far as you want, and then exploding upwards jumping as high as you can. Note, no step or run-up is allowed to preload your jump. As you jump, place the piece of tape as high up as you can on the wall with your inside hand. Make sure to do a few warm up attempts and then when ready, perform 3 max effort attempts with rest breaks between each one. Measure the distance between your standing tape as your highest piece of tape. This distance is your vertical jump distance.   Prehab Goals & Normative Values: Males (inches): Very Good: 24-28 Above Average: 20-24 Below Average: 16-20   Females (inches): Very Good: 20-24 Above Average: 16-20 Below Average: 12-16   Prehab Goals: Males: >28 inches Females: >24 inches   Reference: Vertical Jump Test (Sargent Test). Accessed August 31, 2023. Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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