Bad Exercise? Upright Rows Vs High Pulls vs Deltoid Raises

These exercises are often controversial as the internally rotated and high elbow position at the top of the movement is believed to be a shoulder impinging position that can possibly damage soft tissue structures. As the shoulder is internally rotated and flexed, the tendon of the #supraspinatus (a rotator cuff muscles) can rub against a bone in the shoulder, leading to #inflammation and #pain. However, these exercises can be performed properly if the athlete has: - Adequate shoulder internal rotation ROM - Good thoracic spine extension mobility - No history of shoulder impingement or shoulder pain If you have these above physiological constructs, AND YOU NEED THIS MOTION FOR FUNCTION IN SPORTS, OCCUPATION, OR EVERYDAY LIFE, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with this variation! Just stay cognizant of any shoulder pain/discomfort when performing these exercises. If you do not meet the above criteria, any other variation of #deadlifts or lateral deltoid raises can be a safer alternative
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