Upper Cut – Band

  • HOW: Get set-up standing with a band around your back under your arms, then criss-cross the band in front of you and hold the ends of the band in each hand. Perform a small hip hinge and while maintaining body position, punch both arms up, forward, and slightly diagonally in the orientation of the criss-crossed band. As you punch both arms forward, rotate your hands and arms out as demonstrated in the video so that you are in the finished position with your palms facing up. Your arms are ideally parallel to your trunk in the finished position.
  • FEEL: You should feel your shoulder blades and shoulder muscles working in this exercise. You should feel your shoulder blades moving away from one another and ‘wrapping’ around your body towards your armpits.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not shrug your shoulders, do not bend your elbows, do not lose body position or arch your low back.

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