How To Train Around Elbow Pain

Trying to train around pain can be one of the most frustrating feelings. Elbow pain is one of those things that can completely affect your workout. So what do you do if you want to hit your upper body? Try out these exercises! Demonstrated in this video are a few exercises that limit the amount of gripping required, which may decrease stress on the elbow. What is important to understand is that elbow injuries and elbow pain are typically a result of overuse. There may be too much wrist motion going on when the wrist is designed for stability from the forearm musculature. Training the larger muscles in the upper arm and around the shoulder and shoulder blades is how we always address elbow overuse injuries! Finding a way to still exercise is essential and not only provides physical benefits, but mental as well! Since day one we have advocated that if you are in pain, you should seek a skilled physical therapist in person to evaluate and develop a plan of care for you to manage your symptoms. Please do yourself a favor, don’t self-diagnosis yourself, and seek consultation in person.
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