Lat Active Mobility Release

Raise your hands high if you have tight lats! �‍♂Tried stretching? Foam Rolling? Cupping? IASTM? And nothing seems to work? You're not alone! When it comes to gaining USEABLE ACTIVE RANGE OF MOTION, many times you need to follow up your stretching and passive treatments with ACTIVE MOBILITY. Here is one of my favorite active lat stretches I learned from @susanfupt. Keys to the exercise: ✅ Back and shoulders MUST stay against the wall ✅ Don't arch your back ✅ You must keep you elbows touching the WHOLE time ✅ To increase the stretch, try and separate your hands - while keeping your elbows together! Note: this stretch is more than likely hitting the teres major as well, which is not a bad thing! I have also seen this performed lying down on a foam roller, which works as well!
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