Unlock Your Hip Flexors! | Episode 46

Timestamps: 0:00​ Start 0:47​ Hip Flexor Test (Thomas Test) 3:22​ Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 4:57​ Thomas Position Hip Flexion - Kettlebell 6:21​ Reassessment of Thomas Test 6:55​ Static Lunge (Loading Back Leg) Are your Hip flexors tight? Oftentimes when people are trying to stretch their hip flexors they simply throw their lower back into extension. We will teach you how to unlock your hip flexors in this [P]Rehab episode! The movements that are shown in this video include: -Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch. The posterior pelvic tilt is KEY here -Thomas Position Hip Flexion - Kettlebell. Make sure to keep your opposite leg hugged the entire time. This is important in minimizing your low back from extending. -Static Lunge. The key here is to maintain the posterior pelvic tilt while you lower into a lunge. The lower you lunge the further you will feel the stretch on the rear hip flexor. If you want to further load the tissue continue to shift your weight towards the back leg. Let us know how these stretches feel for you! Bulletproof Your Hips - https://library.theprehabguys.com/hip-prehab-program/ Improve Hip Mobility - https://library.theprehabguys.com/program-hip-mobility-overhaul/ Video edited by: https://www.instagram.com/aesthetic_al/
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