TRX Deadbug Variation

Here is a nice variation using the TRX straps to help engage core activation. Proper activation and motor control of the deep core muscles like the transverse abdominis and multifidus shown here in the dead bug exercise is a vital first step before progressing to more dynamic movements. These deep core-stabilizing muscles are very important for our spine integrity and health. They are responsible for stabilizing each individual vertebra that, when all added together, makes up our spine. Shown here is an alternating leg variation of the dead bugs using a TRX. I like this call this exercise a slow-motion temper tantrum.. get it?! Notice how my pelvis/spine stays BRACED and neutral throughout the leg movements (which increase the lever arm thus making the exercise harder). Too often people don't brace or control this movement properly and thus don't get any sort of core work from it. I am also pushing down towards the ground with my hands through the handles. This helps to keep my ribs down and also activates the shoulder extensors including the lats. The lats are part of the 'core' as well! FIND YOUR MOTOR CONTROL LIMIT on how far you can extend your leg WHILE BRACING WITHOUT YOUR PELVIS/SPINE MOVING. With practice, you will be able to lower/extend your legs further and further. Now find your limit!
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