TRX Back Attack Video

TRX Back Attack -Strengthen the Back of your Shoulders. . TRX -Total Body Resistance Exercise- is a system of levers between gravity and your body weight that is perfect for anyone because the level of resistance and difficulty can easily be controlled by the athlete. Demonstrated here are a few ways you can use the TRX to target your shoulder and back musculature. You can either use this as a warm-up to prime those shoulder and back muscles before your workout or as a compound set to improve the strength of those muscles. . To perform: -I's: Make sure to keep your arms as close to your side as you can. The more elbow extension, the larger the moment arm to your shoulder joint and the more demand. This motion comprises downward scapular rotation and retraction primarily targeting the rhomboids and lats. -T's: Bring your arms out straight into horizontal abduction. Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together. This will focus on scapular retractors, primarily targeting the rhomboids and middle trapezius. -Y's: The most difficult of them all! This is a great way to target the lower trapezius due to the scapular retraction, posterior tilt, and upward rotation required for this exercise. Lower trap activation is shown to be much higher at angles larger than 90 degrees of shoulder elevation. -The TRX Lat Pull-down . � Attempt to keep a straight line from your foot up to your shoulders! You may be surprised by how much demand will be placed on your core as well. . ❌: With all of these exercises avoid hyperextending at the lumbar spine and excessively shrugging your shoulders because a poor upper trap to lower trap ratio has been shown to lead to shoulder impingement. It gets particularly difficult to perform correctly as you become more horizontal due to the increased demand from your body weight. . A recent study by Sadek in 2016 demonstrated that TRX suspension training was effective in preventing shoulder pain for swimmers, so if you're a swimmer, step your TRX game up! . Citation: -"Effect of TRX suspension training as a Prevention Program to Avoid the Shoulder Pain for Swimmers" by: Mohamed Tarek Sadek
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