Triceps Skullcrusher Burnout

While clinical research has identified a number of metabolic factors and histological changes in muscle fibers following eccentric training, a direct correlation between muscle hypertrophy and eccentric training still has yet to be firmly established. However, we do know that muscle disruption causes satellite cell activation. Additionally, we also know that muscle disruption is found primarily with eccentric type contractions in comparison to concentric or isometric contractions. Therefore, best practice and advice for inducing a hypertrophic stimulus should include eccentric muscle contractions. In the video above, I demonstrate one of my favorite triceps burnouts. I perform a set of regular skulls crushers until fatigue (if hypertrophy is the goal, stay within the 6-12RM range). Once I can no longer perform an entire rep (concentric + eccentric), I SLOWLY lower the bar and perform an ECCENTRIC skullcrusher. In order to raise the bar again and work past fatigue, I then perform a tricep chest press (which is much easier due to the addition of the pectoralis muscles). BOOM!! Now you’re ready for another eccentric skullcrusher. Ideally repeat until you can now longer slowly perform the eccentric skullcrusher. Now shown, but after another 6-12 reps of eccentric skullcrushers, I like to rep out dips off the end of the bench. Absolute killer. Try it out and let us know what you think!
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