Shoulder Strengthening In 3 Planes

Closed Chain Tri-Planar Shoulder Muscle Function [Shoulder Strength/Control/Endurance] . What is the first joint that you loaded as a baby? Your Shoulders! It has been a while and it's time to get back to loading those shoulders! . Here are two closed chain exercises to help target the scapular stabilizers, especially the serratus anterior. Why closed chain? Full upward rotation of the scapula requires a serratus anterior manual muscle test (MMT) of just 3/5. Bearing this in mind, it can be concluded that poor scapular movement is often caused by poor motor control - not necessarily weakness!! -of the serratus anterior. A closed chain exercise is a great way to really feel this muscle activate by pushing AWAY from the floor. . Exercise 1 1️⃣Find an elevated surface in which you are able to stabilize unilaterally. The more elevated the surface the easier the exercise will be; the more horizontal, the more demand. Find a good challenge for yourself. 2️⃣There are three motions performed: ✅ Rock Back and Forward - Exaggerate the scapular upward rotation on the rock back portion of this movement. ✅ Rock Side to Side - Exaggerate the scapula protraction/abduction when rotating towards the opposite side. ✅ Rotation - You can go both clockwise and counter-clockwise here. Perform 10 repetitions of each of these for a total of 40 reps per shoulder! . Exercise 2 ✅ Start in a push-up position, or modified push-up position (on your knees) 1️⃣Staying light with the hand on the pad, begin rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise (attempt for 10 of each). ❌ Keep a straight line from your heels through your hips and to your shoulders. Make sure you stay rigid around the core to avoid any back sag or rotation. You can use an external cue over the lumbar spine to make sure you are keeping it neutral! 2️⃣From here, go into 10 overhead reaches and lateral reaches.
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