Training Modifications When Dealing With Low Back Pain

I hurt my disc earlier this year and this is a video compilation of just a few of the many exercise modifications I had to make in the gym to continue to lift pain free. The single most important thing to keep in mind when you have back pain is to KEEP MOVING. Whether that’s choosing new exercises, skipping a particularly aggravating exercise, or simply going on a walk - know that MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE. . It's important to keep in mind when you have an injury that you DO have to give those injured tissues relative rest. Relative is the key word here. . ❌If there are certain movements that hurt your injury in the acute phase - AVOID them ✅However, if there are movements and exercises that don't hurt, then KEEP DOING THEM. . Finding pain free movements and exercises is one of the most important things to do after an injury, and in the case of my disc herniation is was movements that avoid lumbar flexion and avoid excessive erector spinae activity. . So next time you're hurt, find movements and exercises that you can perform pain free and do them. Keep going to the gym, make smart modifications in your programming, and hopefully you'll be back to your normal gym routine in no time!
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