Toe Touch Assessment

This assessment is designed to measure the flexibility of your low back and your hamstring musculature. For this assessment, begin standing up with your feet comfortably under your hips and barefoot if possible. From this position, bend forward hinging at the hips as you reach down towards your toes. Using a tape measure, measure from the ground to the end of the middle finger fingertip. If your hands can lay comfortably on the ground, this can serve as a negative test and mobility through the hamstrings and low back is within goal expectations. Some coaching tips for this test are to keep your knees straight and do not bounce or jerk to attempt to gain extra motion. Also, be mindful of when this assessment is performed as doing it after a warm-up or activity will change noted results.   Prehab Goals & Normative Values: Males: Passed: Hands to floor Average: 0-5 cm from floor Fair: 5-8 cm from floor Poor: 9-20 cm from floor   Females: Passed: Hands to floor Average: 1-5 cm from floor Fair: 5-7 cm from floor Poor: 8-15 cm from floor Prehab Goals: Hands to the floor for males and females   Reference: Toe touch test. HFE. February 23, 2023. Accessed September 5, 2023.   Take the assessment, write down your score, and track your progress throughout the program.
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