A Better Way to Test Muscle Strength – The Tindeq Test

Time Stamps ⏱ 00:00 Start  1:25 Why Manual Muscle Testing Doesn't Always Work 01:40 What You Will Need 04:03 The Quad Set Up at 60 Degrees 08:13 Testing Mikes Strength 08:40 The Quad Set Up at 90 Degrees  11:00 Let's Test Hamstring Strength at 60 Degrees 13:17 Hamstring Strength at 90 Degrees  15:28 End   It's time to level up your muscle testing game! Manual muscle tests are a thing of the past and truly don't test muscle strength needed to return to high levels of performance. Here at [P]rehab, we trust the Tindeq to give us accurate objective data to confidently know where our patients and clients are at every step of the way. Curious about how you can get your Tindeq Test on? Find the Tindeq under our “products” section of the website, and don't forget to use the promo code PREHAB to get 10% off your Tindeq today!
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