Three Point Stance Row – Dumbbell

  • HOW: With a bench or some other supported surface in front of you, place your opposite knee and arm on that surface. Your other foot should be out and behind you. This is your 3 point stance position - you should feel strong and stable in this base position. Next, perform a unilateral row on the opposite side of your front leg by driving your elbow back towards your back pocket and hand to your side. Switch feet position and repeat on the opposite side.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a back workout, specifically the muscles around and in between your shoulder blade, behind your shoulder, and even your biceps. Your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles will be working as well to hold the position.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not lose your base position! Do not excessively arch your low back. Try to stay still, only move your arms. Do not let your torso excessively rotate

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