Controlled Thoracic Spine Rotation

Episode 479: Hyper extension- controlled Thoracic Spine Mobility [Mobility Advice] . With the excessive rounded thoracic spine, often times rotational mobility is limited. To achieve Thoracic Spine Mobility look at the previous episode! Once this has been achieved the goal is now to be able to control the new range of motion you have just gained! . This is a drill to improve Thoracic Spine Rotation control. ❌First is shown how to compensate, if you notice the pelvis rotation in the same direction of the thoracic spine. This will give you a false sense of how much rotation you are really getting. . Try this out: ✅Elevate the contralateral foot, this will allow you to rotate your pelvis the opposite direction of your thoracic spine in order to avoid compensation. . 1️⃣Try to rotate to your end range of motion, you have the option to hold at the end for time or to perform this exercise for repititions. 2️⃣Move slow this exercise is designed for control 3️⃣Focus on your BREATH during this exercise. Your ribs attach to your thoracic spine, so thoracic rotation is also dependent on rib mobility. If you hold your breath, you will limit your rib mobility. Take a deep breath prior to side bending and rotating, then exhale through the movement. . � This will also be a core exercise! Make sure to keep your core engaged! Tag Someone that needs this!
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