Thoracic Spine Bridge Rotation

This stretch is for all the desk jockeys. The thoracic spine is generally on the stiffer side, limiting mobility. This limited mobility can manifest in compensations up or down the chain, which is why people often have neck and low back pain! . Your thoracic spine--also known as your mid-back--is comprised of 12 vertebrae (T1-T12) and is responsible for about 35 degrees of rotation to each side. This number is just a norm and can vary from person to person. The amount of rotation you have depends significantly on your activity. For example, if you play golf or baseball you may have more rotation to one side than the other. . To perform this exercise: ✅Keep one hand on the floor and bridge up with your hips, try keeping both hip pointers (ASIS) pointing towards the ceiling. The pelvis will want to rotate towards the arm the is placed on the floor. ✅Staying strong in the scapula (avoiding scapula sagging) rotate towards the floor as far as you can. This will help with your Thoracic spine rotation. ✅A variating is performing this exercise on your forearm, which will decrease the degrees of freedom thus challenging your thoracic spine mobility to the next degree � � This stretch will additionally open up your pecs!
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