Thoracic Spine Active Rotation

Improve your Rotation! . Here are 2 exercises to improve your Thoracic spine mobility, with some side benefit of improving Shoulder Mobility. Exercise #1๏ธโƒฃ: โœ…Start in a 1/2 kneeling position with a ball between your inner leg and the wall. This will ensure you DON'T cheat with any hip motion! โœ…Try to rotate with your hand all the way around and back -Progression: Keep your hand away from the wall the entire time - Exercise #2๏ธโƒฃ โœ…In half kneeling - Keep both hands behind your head โœ…Thoracic spine around the world against wall โœ…Rotate all the way around and come back, try to challenge yourself from keeping the elbow away from the wall. โŒAVOID side-bending the opposite direction, this is a compensation. . What is the difference between this and the open book exercise? This requires more active range of motion!
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