Thoracic Spine Active Rotation

Improve your Rotation! . Here are 2 exercises to improve your Thoracic spine mobility, with some side benefit of improving Shoulder Mobility. Exercise #1️⃣: ✅Start in a 1/2 kneeling position with a ball between your inner leg and the wall. This will ensure you DON'T cheat with any hip motion! ✅Try to rotate with your hand all the way around and back -Progression: Keep your hand away from the wall the entire time - Exercise #2️⃣ ✅In half kneeling - Keep both hands behind your head ✅Thoracic spine around the world against wall ✅Rotate all the way around and come back, try to challenge yourself from keeping the elbow away from the wall. ❌AVOID side-bending the opposite direction, this is a compensation. . What is the difference between this and the open book exercise? This requires more active range of motion!
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