Thoracic Extension Strength

Episode 517: Swiss Ball Thoracic Spine Extension [Control your Back] . Once you have improved mobility within your thoracic spine (as shown in the previous post), you will want to be able to maintain that position. This position is held with those paraspinal muscles that go up the middle of your back. Here is a great movement to help improve your ability to maintain a more extended thoracic spine. . To perform this exercise: 1️⃣Begin in quadruped and rock back into as much hip flexion as you can. The smaller the ball, the more T/S motion you will be able to get into. 2️⃣Keep the Swiss Ball under your sternum in order to create a fulcrum under your thoracic spine. 3️⃣Place your hands on top of your head and raise up, focusing on moving at the thoracic spine. . �These muscles are designed for ENDURANCE. There is NO need to crank into thoracic extension with a high velocity or heavy load. . Parameters for an isometric hold = 30 seconds to 2 minutes. If you decide to go for repetitions make sure you can perform 15 reps at a minimum in a slow and controlled fashion, with emphasis on exhaling as you elevate yourself!
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