The Muscles Every Runner Should Be Strengthening

Time Stamps 00:00 What muscles make up the calf complex and their importance with running! 1:09 Why is the soleus so important? 02:09 Bridge...but add in a heel raise! 03:28 Bulgarian Soleus Raise & the importance of soleus work! 04:40 Creeper Walks, you're gonna wanna see this one because of the name! 05:27 Step Up - Heel Raise & gastrocnemius strengthening! 07:38 End The calf muscles...such an undervalued group of muscles when it comes to running and endurance sports! Why? Well what if we told you that the soleus muscle has to be able to accept roughly 8x our body weight when running! That's important! Strengthening for runners is important but strengthening the gastrocnemius, plantaris & the soleus is incredibly important for runners! If you are a runner or endurance athlete and you haven't been strengthening these muscles then this video is for you! Join Lauren to learn more about why strengthening the calf muscles is so important and more importantly some exercises to do so!
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