The BEST Serratus Anterior Exercises | Episode 34

Timestamps: 0:00 Start 0:26 Serratus Anterior Definition 1:31 Closed Chain Serratus Anterior 3:38 Open Chain Serratus Anterior 5:28 Conclusion Serratus Anterior, which is also known as the “Big Swing Muscle” or “Boxer’s muscle” due to its effectiveness of protracting the scapula. Not only does this muscle have a cool name, but it is also needed for a plethora of arm movements; whether it be an open chain movement (punching/grabbing something out of the cabinet) or a closed chain movement (pushups, planks, downward dogs, or handstands). Due to its large role in stabilizing the scapula, inadequate strength here is often the culprit of Scapular Winging. This video will demonstrate the best serratus anterior exercises to improve activation and control of this scapular stabilizer! We begin by demonstrating closed chain serratus exercises, this is achieved when your body is stabilized or fixed onto the floor. 2 of my favorite cues here include: 1. Twist your triceps in towards your armpit. Why triceps in towards the armpit? To minimize how much those big pec muscles will assist, in order to bias the muscle we want to work. The Serratus Anterior! 2. Push your body away from the floor. This is achieved by pushing the shoulder blades out and around. Exercises here include: Quadruped Push Up Plus ⇢ Modified Push Up Plus ⇢Push Up Plus Next, we go into open chain exercises. Open chain exercises are when your body is moving freely in space. This is oftentimes more challenging for individuals to use the proper muscles. To minimize pec activation, you can add a slight external rotation motion as you punch out. Exercises: Supine Serratus Anterior Scoop – Band Supine Serratus Punch Learn more HERE: Video Edited By: Julia Glanz:
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