The 5 MOST IMPORTANT Exercises for Runners | Episode 40

Timestamps: 0:00 Start 0:48 Why Strength Training is Important for Runners 2:24 Exercise 1: The Step Variation 3:48 Exercise 2: The Squat Variation 4:41 Exercise 3: The Calf Raise Variation 6:02 Exercise 4: Core Exercise (Hip Flexor) 6:48 Exercise 5: Full Body Exercise 8:20 Conclusion Public Service Announcement For All Runners - you need to watch this video! Strength training is an essential component for success with running, however, it is a common lacking component in most runner’s training programs. Due to the fact that the most common running injuries can be associated with lower extremity strength deficits, it is extremely important to educate runners why and how they should perform strength training. In this video, you’ll learn our top 5 favorite strength training exercises for runners, why they’re important, and slight modifications and variations so that you can find the best fit for you and your workout routine! Why is strength training important for runners? Running is an impact sport! Running can impose up to 8x your body weight in force on specific structures in the body. Because of this, running injuries are not uncommon, actually up to 50% of runners at some point in their life will experience an injury because of running. From research and our experience, we believe 80-90% of these injuries are due to training errors, with one of those errors being a lack of quality strength training! What should the exercises focus on? There are 3 components to running that should be addressed with strength training. Propulsion - meaning propelling the body forward with each step you take, this requires strength. Braking - being able to slow yourself down and control your body with each step you take while running, this also requires strength. Single leg - running is a single leg sport, thus you better include single leg strengthening exercises! Below you’ll find an outline of the exercises discussed in the video, be sure to watch the entire video to learn WHY these are important, how to perform them, and modifications/variations you can try out to see what best fits your workout routine! 1. Step Variation 2. Squat Variation 3. Calf Raise Variation 4. Core & Hip Flexor Variation 5. Full Body Axial Loading Variation Check out our Running [P]Rehab Program:
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