Tennis Elbow Fix- Exercises and Stretches (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Time Stamps ⏱ 0:00 Intro 1:07 - Exercise 1 Wrist Extension 2:52 - Exercise 2 Wrist Extensor Stretch 4:01 - Exercise 3 Wrist radial deviation   Tennis elbow, which in the medical world is referred to as Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy (LET) or lateral epicondylalgia, is one of the most common elbow injuries. As common as lateral elbow pain may be, it can be an absolute nuisance to treat and live with. It doesn’t just affect and cause pain with a tennis backhand but also shaking hands, grabbing dishes, typing, gripping, writing, and you name it. In this episode, you’ll learn our favorite rehab exercises for this issue.  The exercises in this episode include: Wrist Extension. Isometrics are a great starting point and low barrier to entry when dealing with elbow pain. Begin in slight wrist extension while performing these holds. You can progress into isotonic exercises, meaning you are performing the exercise through a range of motion. As you feel comfortable you can further progress by using a load, shown here by using a dumbbell.  Wrist Extensor Stretch. Follow along with this video for 2 great stretches. Proceed with caution, if you have a flared-up tendon, stretching may further aggravate the tissue. Try these 2 amazing stretches and let us know if you feel it in the right spot. Wrist Radial Deviation. The ECRB muscle (the most common pain generator in tennis elbow) performs radial deviation in addition to wrist extension. Use a dumbbell, broomstick, or anything else that you would like to help strengthen this motion.  Try these exercises and let us know how your elbow feels!   [P]Rehab your elbow with our Elbow, Wrist, & Hand [P]Rehab Program -   Learn More about Tennis elbow here -   Video created by:
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