Tempo Split Stance Lunge – Band

  • HOW: Begin by placing a band around your knees just above your knee cap. Place one foot in front and the other leg extended back with your back toes pushing into the ground. Keeping your torso straight up, lunge forward and down for 5 seconds, hold that position for 3 seconds, and push back up into the starting position. In this example, we used a 5310 tempo. Tempo exercises consist of 4 different numbers. In the example of a 5310 split stance lunge: 
    • 5 is the lowering or eccentric portion
    • 3 is the pause at the bottom or isometric portion
    • 1 is the rising or concentric portion
    • 0 is the rest between reps at the top.
    • Sometimes you will use an “X” to denote as fast as possible.
  • FEEL: You should feel your quadriceps and glute muscles working. You should also feel a stretch in the front of your hip with the back leg. 
  • COMPENSATION: Keep your back upright, don’t slouch forward. Make sure to bend both knees as you lunge forward and keep that bend as you go down.

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