Swissball Storks

Storks, if done properly, are one of the best GLUTE MEDIUS exercises out there. YOU WILL FEEL IT INSTANTLY! Adding a dynamic component, as shown in the video above, can even further progress this exercise. Heres how to properly perform a stork: use as small of a swissball as possible. Place the swissball against the wall and place your distal thigh/knee against it, NOT your hip. DO NOT LEAN your entire bodyweight into the wall. Let your pelvis drop by rolling the swissball down. Then, contract and FIRE YOUR GLUTS on your STANCE leg on the ground, driving your PELVIS up and rolling the swissball towards the sky The motion that should be occurring should be your pelvis rocking side to side in the frontal plane...“shake those hips!" Hold for an isometric contraction for a few seconds before repeating The stronger/more you fire your gluts, the harder the exercise becomes…so don’t go easy on yourself! Let us know how it feels!
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