Supine Shoulder External Rotation at 45deg – PROM, Dowel

  • HOW: Lying on your back, place one elbow 45 degrees out from your side. If 0 degrees was at your side, and 90 degrees was at shoulder height, 45 degrees would be in the middle of that. If needed, place a towel roll underneath your elbow. Bring your forearm up to make a โ€œLโ€ bend in your elbow. Grab onto the end of a dowel with that shoulder. The other hand should push the dowel into your hand and rotate the shoulder back. Your shoulder should only rotate with the dowel pushing into it - keeping your shoulder as relaxed as possible
  • FEEL: You should feel a stretch in your shoulder.
  • COMPENSATION: Keep the 90 degree โ€œLโ€ shape in your elbow. Donโ€™t use your shoulder muscles to rotate back, only use the other hand pushing into the dowel to help rotate it.

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