Supine Across Body Banded Punch

What is my favorite muscle of the shoulder❓ Serratus Anterior� Which is also known as the “Big Swing Muscle” or “Boxer’s muscle” due to it’s effectiveness of protracting the scapula. Not only does this muscle have a cool name, it is needed for a plethora of arm movements; weather open chain (punching/grabbing something out of cabinet) or closed chain (pushups, planks, downward dogs, or handstands). Due to it’s large role in stabilizing the scapula, when this muscle is deficient this often results in shoulder pain. . For Exercise 1️⃣ ✅Lay on your back with a thera-band wrapped around your back ✅Keeping your elbows straight and reach overhead, focus on the extra scapula pushout when you are overhead, this will help with Serratus Anterior Activation! ✅Notice how the theraband is pulling across, this will help with rotator cuff and serratus anterior activation, and minimize the Pec muscles from doing the work. . For exercise 2️⃣ ✅Focus on a hip hinge while you are standing ✅Raise your arms overhead ✅Notice how I rotate my shoulder EXTERNALLY, but pointing my thumbs towards the ceiling? This is very subtle but can make all the difference in recruiting �Serratus Anterior and �Pec . � With both of these exercise do NOT arch the low back. One can make this more functional by elevating the shoulders in the scapular plane of movement, by horizontally abducting your shoulders 30 degrees.
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