Supine 90/90

The core muscles are meant to activate prior to purposeful movement in order to establish a stable base. If there is no stable base prior to movement, there will be compensatory mechanisms that typically involve overloaded superficial muscle groups. This can then cause poor movement with improper balance leading to excessive loading of spinal joints, discs, and muscles. Here is a baby roll focusing on control via the deep core muscles. First I hold this position statically in 90 degrees of hip and knee flexion, mimicking a 4.5-month-old child. I stabilize in the sagittal plane while keeping my abs contracted. You may do this with or without a ball. The ball is used as a resistance cue making it easier to recruit your core. Next, I challenge myself in the transverse plane through rotation from side to side, facilitating oblique muscle chain activation. The second example is a progression using a Theraband to add resistance to challenge the core further. The third clip uses a D1 and D2 pattern while maintaining a supine 90/90 position. Note: A chin tuck should be maintained for the entirety of this exercise. If you want to challenge your deep neck muscles further, you may hover your head an inch off the ground.
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