Bad Exercise? Superman Vs Roman Chair For Back Extension Work

This exercise is seen FAR TOO COMMONLY at the gym. The extreme lumbar spine #hyperextension, as well as the commonly associated cervical spine extension, is absolutely horrible for your back! Unless you’re a #gymnast or dancer, I cant think of any other athlete that would possibly need to be in this hyperextended position on a functional basis. There are SO MANY OTHER WAYS to develop posterior chain strength, or even more specifically, back extensor strength. During any posterior chain exercise, you MUST MAINTAIN A NEUTRAL SPINE…DO NOT HYPEREXTEND AT THE BACK! Shown at the end of the video is a much safer variation to develop the posterior chain/back extensors. Personally, I believe holding an isometric back extension is so much safer than a dynamic back extension movement. Our core (ie our back) is meant to stabilize our spine, not move it. So why train our back extensors in a dynamic way?
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