Sumo Deadlift To High Pull – Barbell

HOW: Place a barbell on the ground directly in front of your legs. Stand in a wide stance with your toes facing outward. Keeping your chest upright, bend your knees and lower your body with your arms on the inside of your knees. Pick up the barbell with an overhand grip by pushing into the ground with your feet lifting it up. Once you are standing tall while holding the kettlebell at waist level, perform a high pull by pulling the weight up to your chest. Perform this exercise all in one motion.  FEEL: You should feel your major leg muscles like your quadriceps, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings working as you lift the kettlebell. You will also feel an emphasis on your inner thigh muscles due to the position of your legs.  COMPENSATION: Keep your back flat, don’t arch it as you pick up the weight. Make sure your arms are on the inside of your knees, not out like a normal deadlift.
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