Suitcase Lifts And Other One-Sided Focused Leg Exercises

Do you feel like you’re cheating on leg day and that you always favor one side? Does one side feel stronger than the other? Have you had hip/knee/ankle injury/surgery in the past and are still working on balancing out strength on that side?! Here are some fool-proof ways to increase the load on one side. Even if you think you’re perfectly balanced 50/50, more often than not people tend to favor one side. This is especially common after an injury or surgery. Perfect symmetry may not be the ultimate goal or even necessary for everyone, however for those of you with drastic side to side changes due to one of the circumstances above - these exercises are for you! The exercises shown in the video are written below in order... Suitcase lifts Offset feet box squats Offset feet box squats with reach during descent Increased offset feet box squats while maintaining reach These are some of my go to exercises for those after knee surgery for meniscus or ACL!
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