Suitcase Lift

  • WHY: This exercise will help with building carrying and lifting strength.
  • HOW: Get a moderate-weighted object set-up on the ground off-centered to the right or left, you will perform this on both sides. Stand as close as you can off to the side of the object, the closer it is the less your back has to work. Squat down towards the object and grab it with one hand. Prior to lifting the box, ‘pack’ your shoulder and shoulder blade and keep the object close to you. Now keep your back and upper body still as you push your feet into the ground to stand up. Repeat
  • FEEL: You want to feel your legs doing most of the work. The goal is to keep your upper body and back still by keeping the object close. Your legs will do the job of lifting the box to and from the ground. Because you’re only lifting one object off to the side of you, you should feel your muscles working hard to not let your body bend towards the direction of the object.

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