Hip Flexor And Oblique Sample Exercises

Getting no results with just static hip flexor stretching for your low back discomfort? Looking for a better way to warm up your hip flexors and obliques?! . Check out this dynamic stretch and eccentric exercise you should add to your warm-up targeting your hip flexors and obliques. The hip flexors include the psoas major, psoas minor, iliacus, and the rectus femoris. The rectus femoris is unique as it crosses  two joints (hip and knee) whereas the other hip flexors only cross one joint (hip). In order to stretch the rectus femoris, not only does the hip have to extend, but the knee needs to flex as well. . The other one joint hip flexors, specifically the psoas, is not only stretched with hip extension, but also contralateral trunk side-bend. The psoas group originates on the ipsilateral L1-L4 lumbar vertebrae and the last thoracic vertebrae, thus contralateral side-bend contributes to stretching the muscle group. Sometimes hip flexors consistently feel 'tight' because they are not strong when lengthened! I love the slider movement as it is eccentrically working the hip flexors and external obliques! Due to muscle orientation, the external obliques contribute to posterior pelvic tilt. This is an excellent warm-up movement to practice resisting anterior pelvic tilt with hip extension. I give this to most people when dealing with low back issues! Try out both movements prior to your next training session instead of static hip flexor stretching and reap the benefits! Perform 10x on each side for movement #1 and 2 sets of 10 for movement #2
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