Stop Waking Up with Numb Hands

TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 0:00 Intro 1:26 Sidelying Bookopeners 2:26 Median Nerve Slider 3:38 Ulnar Nerve Slider  4:17 Pillow Position 5:09 Sleeping Position   It's happened to all of us, we wake up and our hands feel as if they have disappeared, but why? Join us as we dive into why your hands may be falling asleep at night and what can be done to prevent it. Curious as to why you get the "pins and needles" sensation? We dive into that, pillow positioning, why improving your mid back mobility is important and sleeping positions to decrease that numbness!    Finding that improving your thoracic seems to be helping drastically? Great, we are so glad to hear that! Get after that mid back mobility by checking out our Neck and Mid Back Program!
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