Staying Strong After Surgery

YOU LOSE 10% OF MUSCLE AND A REDUCTION OF 30% OF MUSCLE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS FOR EVERY 2 WEEKS YOU'RE IMMOBILIZED AFTER SURGERY! Did you know that? (Stats via Johnny Owens BFR expert) Immobilization, bedrest, and being non-weight bearing (not allowed to bear any weight on a given limb) are an absolute recipe for disaster to your bone, joint, and muscle integrity. While it is imperative to protect the integrity of the surgical site and allow for proper tissue healing, we can still maintain the STRENGTH and RANGE OF MOTION of other more proximal and distal joints. Typically with many foot/ankle surgeries, surgical precautions include a period of non weight bearing for as long as 8 weeks. Even worse, some surgeons don’t even send their patients to physical therapy until 4-6 weeks after surgery. That’s OVER A MONTH in which you’re LOSING PRECIOUS MUSCLE MASS and your JOINTS ARE GETTING STIFFER. Shown in this video are a host of different strength and conditioning exercises as well as basic stretches to keep your affected limb IN CHECK while you are immobilized. These exercises will keep your GLUTES and QUADS strong and your lower extremity mobile. Do these exercises (+more) on the unaffected side as well! TAG A FRIEND that needs to stay strong after surgery!! Exercises/stretches in order are: Side-lying hip abduction, clams, evil clams, sideplanks, sideplank clams, hip extension, fire hydrants, hip hinges, long arc quads, straight leg raise, hamstring curl, hamstring stretch, hip flexor stretches.
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