Standing Tricep Extension / Kickback

Tricep Kick Backs [Gravity Works Down!] 📝 Triceps kick backs are a great way to isolate the triceps but can so often be butchered in the gym. When using a dumbell for any form of resistance training, you have to take into account GRAVITY and the position you may be in relative to it. 💪 Far too often people end up “curling” their tricep kick backs because they’re either working across gravity in a standing position or when bent over their elbow is not parallel to the ground. As you see in the video, I try to even get my trunk below parallel (w/ elbow at trunk) to increase the amount of resisted range of motion with the exercise. 📝 The triceps muscle group performs elbow extension. So the pull of resistance must be causing the elbow to move into flexion. Take this example: 1️⃣️⃣ When you perform bicep curls with a dumbell, gravity is causing the weight to fall. So when you curl the DB and move into elbow flexion, your biceps work concentrically. When you lower the DB and move into elbow extension, your biceps STILL ARE WORKING but now eccentrically. .️⃣ When you perform standing cable tricep push downs, the resistance stack is causing your arms to rise. So when you push the ropes down, your tricpes work concentrically. When you raise your arms and move into elbow flexion, your triceps STILL ARE WORKING but now eccentrically. 📝 It’s the exact same movements in the exact same position, but depending on where the line of resistance is it completely changes which muscles may be working at which phases of the movement. . ⁉️We want your feedback‼️Do you like these FYI tips/tricks or do you prefer our traditional style of exercise videosPlease let us know in the comments❗️ 
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