Standing Landmine Shoulder Press

The standing landmine shoulder press is a absolute BEAST for shoulder (P)Rehab for the following reasons: . 1) Many individuals with shoulder impingement will get their symptoms at the end range. With the landmine press, the glenohumeral joint is NEVER AT END RANGE and therefore should be less symptomatic, or completely asymptomatic. Strengthening the serratus anterior and low traps is great, but wouldn't it be even better to strengthen them in an overhead movement pattern (asymptomatically)? . 2) You can work on grooving the overhead movement pattern in someone rehabbing from a shoulder injury. Because the landmine is attached to the ground, it gives this exercise more stability in comparison to a freeweight overhead press. Decreasing the degrees of freedom affords you the luxury to work on the overhead movement pattern in a more stable environment. . 3) Work on developing explosive overhead strength with the explosive variation shown at the end of the video. Yes, were incorporating the lower extremity now, but that’s the whole point of this variation!
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